ASF seals a bright future for Adam…

What a fantastic way to start the week: our Adam has found himself “a career, not a job” after teaming up with ASF to get him back into the workplace.

Adam found himself at a loose end after one temporary contract ended, but the support from the ASF team and accommodation of his employer, a prestigious insurance company, helped to get him back into a working environment.

“Autism Success Formula helped me with applying to the confusing Job Centre mainframe,” Adam says. “I had help from ASF deciphering the small prints and gobbledygook that some organisations like to throw. That, perseverance and encouragement from ASF helped me find the work that suited me.”

His confidence and understanding of the interview process had developed immensely, and it was the autism-friendly interview techniques used by the employer that helped him to secure his future.

“Before, I always went to a job with a constant depressive and pessimistic view. After this interview, I felt as if I was part of an effective team and that I was skilled. It was a group who cared more about bringing people up the ladder than taking someone straight out of university.”

True to form, he admits that he had primed himself for disappointment, but the skills he has gained through working with ASF and interacting with new people have helped him to curb his nerves and prepared him for the challenge ahead.

One of the things he likes most is the structured nature of the job of course, with regular hours and shift patterns!

Although it is early days, and the role is originally on a temporary six-month contract, Adam hopes that he will show the eagerness required to stay on beyond the original timeframe.

“Hopefully ASF will be able to support me through this job, and I really do hope to impress the bosses enough to get that full-time permanent career!”

All at ASF wish Adam luck with his employed status and look forward to helping him integrate and excel in his new role.

Well done Adam and the ASF team!