Specialist ASC consultancy for employers

If you have responsibility for employees within your business, then it is vital to take action and increase awareness and acceptance of ASC and Neurodiversity. Empowering your diverse workforce will not only ensure you are compliant with Equality Act Legislation but enable you to untap potential, drive innovation, and strengthen employee relations. 

Support we can provide to employers*

  • Personalised support to employees who have disclosed.
  • Support to overcome employee relation issues and communication barriers.
  • Proactive guidance, coaching and advice to line managers who manage individuals with ASC.
  • Individualised awareness sessions for colleagues, line managers and HR based on their knowledge, needs and workforce.
  • Specialist ASC consultancy support for workplace change, including office moves.
  • Support and ‘next steps’ guidance for line managers and HR professionals who have had an employee disclose.

*Due to the bespoke and confidential nature of our support, it is hard to list everything we do. If you are looking for specialist ASC consultancy please get in contact directly and one of our friendly team will be happy to advise you further.