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Join us to discover:

  • How to identify hidden skills within your workforce that will improve productivity.
  • The experiences of those with autism currently employed, unemployed and running their own business.
  • The strengths of Autistic individuals.
  • The struggles of Autism and the strategies to support.
  • How to improve performance for all employees.
  • A real culture of diversity and how this provides opportunities to secure a competitive advantage.

As a business there are three main reasons why you should consider hiring qualified people with disabilities:

  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Marketing
  • Innovation

Businesses that employ disabled people have the ability to turn social issues into business opportunities.

The business could also improve productivity as often these individuals bring innovative and effective ways of doing business,

Employing people with disabilities can also reduce hiring and training costs, retaining staff through increased retention, reducing legal costs for litigation

Disabled people’s worth varies from £60 billion to £80 billion pounds and to tap into this market may be financially rewarding.

These people have unique experiences and understanding that can transform a workplace and may assist in enhancing products and services.

With us you can learn how to access all these benefits and truly thrive.