Pre-employment support

We understand that looking for your first job can be a daunting process, which is overcomplicated by administration and anxiety inducing interviews. Therefore, thanks to the Autism Forward’s funding scheme, our ASC specialist consultants are now able to support first-time job seekers through this process

Support we can give to job seekers:

  • Creation of a personalised Defining Natural Abilities profile that captures your talents, strengths, ASC traits and sensory differences
  • Support with choosing the right career pathway based on your unique talents.
  • Support with CV and cover letter formation
  • Interview support and guidance about how to request reasonable adjustments
  • Support to disclose at the ideal time for you
  • Support to prepare for starting a new job and the transition period.

How to find about more about pre-employment mentor funding

For more details on this scheme please visit the Autism Forward website. If you are searching for a mentor and are interested in working with us, please email or fill in the contact form on the contact us page.