Specialist ASC workplace mentoring

We provide unique workplace support that starts by listening to your needs as an individual with ASC not just as an employee. From experience, we appreciate that challenges in both your personal and work life impact career success. 

Our approach is fully adaptable and rather than use standard tools and processes, we craft out strategies that will work for you and your job.

Areas where we can provide specialist support*

  • Facilitating the disclosure process and educating colleagues so it is impactful and inclusive. 

  • Navigating a new diagnosis with your role. 

  • Thriving through workplace change and the current impact of the Covid pandemic. 

  • Redesigning methods of communication so that they are neurodiverse and meaningful. 

  • Reducing and managing anxiety within the workplace 

  • Advising on role adaptions and essential adjustments  

  • Re-establishing effective relationships with colleagues 

  • Support with executive functioning differences 

* The unique nature of our work makes it hard to list everything we do. Please do not hesitate in getting in contact if you need workplace support. 

Overview of our support process

  • Our specialist workplace consultants will meet with you 1-2-1 to fully understand your unique employment and personal situation, current challenges, key strengths/talents and career aspirations (both short and long term).

  • We will then together develop a bespoke coaching plan to overcome current barriers, develop and utilise your talents and achieve your goals.

  • Our specialist will then support and guide you through the Government’s Access to Work funding pathway or secure funding with your employer directly.

  • Once funding is secured. Your specialist workplace consultant will then work with you and your employer to deliver this plan through coaching sessions, remote support and bespoke training sessions (as required).

  • Our support is flexible and we work with you and your employer until sustainable and long-term goals are achieved.

How to access our services

For more information on our approach or services please contact us directly on [email protected]