Client Testimonials

Kevin, former ASF client:

After losing my job I lost my confidence and found myself back doing college courses, which is OK but I really wanted to work. ASF has helped me to believe that I can achieve that goal.  Given me guidance on what I’m heading towards. This has made me happier.

They talked to me and helped me through some past bad experiences, which had made me angry. I had always shied away from talking about these but ASF were able to make me feel comfortable enough to work these issues out. We even used some hypnosis that was able to help me feel calm.

Liam and David are helpful for me and allow me to become who I want to be. Not just what other organisations wanted me to be.

HR professional, CEFAS:

“Working with ASF has completely changed my approach as an HR professional
dealing with staff issues. They have helped us turn round a very difficult
management issue into a productive and sustainable working environment. I would wholeheartedly recommend ASF and their tried and tested methodology.”
“Working with ASF has been a revelation”

Line Manager, CEFAS:

“I manage a colleague with Asperger Syndrome. Working with ASF has been a
revelation; ASF have helped to completely transform a dysfunctional workplace into a fully functioning workplace. My colleague and I have been given the tools to
understand each other and we now work incredibly well together. This has been a
very rewarding experience on many levels; I cannot recommend ASF highly

Emily, former ASF client: