Welcome to ASF

Autism Success Formula is a new found company passionate about carrying young adults with autism away from the cliff edge of unemployment in order to achieve employment.

We work not only with young people with autism (ASC ‘autistic spectrum condition’), but with employers; coaching them how to manage and lead “the undiscovered workforce”.

Our years of experience and knowledge gained in the field of supporting those with Autism has allowed us to create a powerful range of tools and services designed specifically to meet the needs of those who want to reach their full potential.


ASF seals a bright future for Adam…

What a fantastic way to start the week: our Adam has found himself “a career, not a job” after teaming up with ASF to get him back into the workplace. Adam found himself at a loose end after one temporary …
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ASF keeps on growing…

A lot has happened to the Autism Success Formula since our humble beginning over a year ago. We’ve gained new mentors, new clients and new praise as The Evidence of our success continues to grow. We’ve recruited new local staff with the …
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“I have worked closely with Autism Success Formula Ltd and have watched its development with great interest. Having worked in Recruitment for over 10 years now, I can definitely see the added benefits of this program for both employees & employers alike.

I believe the key to the success of this operation is that the training is provided for everyone within an organisation and not just the individual and Direct Manager.”

Stacey Hughes MREC
Director – Action Recruitment (UK) Ltd

“Great seminar David and Liam.  I left with many positive messages and a desire to promote your work across my network.

Take care and many thanks.”

James Cracknell
Tutor Doctor

“Autism Success Formula have demonstrated a passion for supporting jobseekers and employees with autism, including Asperger syndrome. We are working in partnership to ensure we can support more people with autism into successful sustainable employment”

Emma Jones

Manager, NAS Employment Training Team